Wrongful Death

The loss of a family member or loved one is a tragedy of immense proportion. That’s especially true if the death happens suddenly or as a result of someone else’s irresponsible behavior. When tragedy strikes through the carelessness or lack of safety precautions by a negligent party, family members should be compensated for their losses. Georgia wrongful death law is designed to compensate close family members who’ve suffered the loss of a relative as a result of a vehicular accident, trucking accident, defective product, medical malpractice, or other negligent act.

At Stewart, Seay & Felton we can help recover the maximum monetary compensation for the loss of your loved one, such as compensation for loss of love, companionship, comfort, society, income, value of household services and any other wrongful-death related expenses. Those losses, over time, can be staggering. Stewart, Seay & Felton’s dedicated and aggressive representation allows your family to recover all that the law allows for your tragic loss. Monetary damages cannot bring a loved one back, but it can provide a means for a family to continue to live in the fashion to which it was accustomed, to assure a college education for the children, and to provide medical and other necessities and comforts of life to help face an uncertain emotional future.

At Stewart, Seay and Felton, we know that wrongful death cases are some of the most difficult and tragic cases we’ll ever encounter. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to fighting for justice for your family — and to demonstrating our heartfelt compassion during a trying time in your life. You shouldn’t have to suffer more than you already have and our firm is here to help you in your time of need. Georgia wrongful death law cases can be complicated, but with our thorough preparation, dedication, and keen legal insight, you’ll know you’re in good hands throughout the entire process. Filing a lawsuit shouldn’t be a source of additional stress. Atlanta wrongful death attorneys at Stewart, Seay and Felton have decades of experience in handling these delicate cases with professional care throughout Georgia and nationwide. We’ll put that experience to work for you and zealously defend your rights under the law.

We strive to get you the financial compensation that you deserve in order to ease the financial burden and hardship caused by an untimely death. Stewart, Seay and Felton are compassionate and knowledgeable wrongful death attorneys who can help.