Civil Rights / Excessive Force

Excessive Force by Police (causing death)

Our right to be free from discrimination based on our sex, age, race or religious affiliation is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and stand at the core of American democracy. From the individual who has been abused by the police to the employee who has been wrongfully fired for exercising his right to free speech; we work hard to pursue justice, hold violators accountable, and, in certain cases, effectuate positive change in our community. The trial lawyers at Stewart, Seay and Felton are comprised of experienced, multigenerational civil rights attorneys who are committed to protecting the civil rights of those who have been discriminated against. Federal law — most notably Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 1983 — governs most anti-discrimination issues.

As the leading civil rights firm in Atlanta, Stewart, Seay and Felton won’t let civil rights violations go ignored. With decades of experience fighting injustices, we understand the serious consequences caused by violations of one’s basic human rights.

Stewart, Seay and Felton Trial Attorneys are dedicated to fighting against ongoing attempts to erode our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. We offer the highest quality representation with a true understanding of civil rights law, and a distinguished track record of success. If your rights have been violated, a civil rights attorney at Stewart, Seay and Felton can help.