Burn Injuries

A Burn injury can occur when a victim comes in close contact with a flame, corrosive chemicals, hot objects, scalding fluids, exposure to radiation and electrocution. More often than not, the injury inflicted is due to negligence of some other party. This party should therefore pay for the damages suffered by the victim.

Burn injuries can have dire consequences including partial or complete paralysis, disfigurement, damage to hearing, sight or even to the brain and spinal cord. In extreme cases, wrongful death may result from burn injuries. Medical expenses are not only severe, but they also extend for a long time. This is made worse by the fact that the victim may not be ever able to work at all, or may be rendered unfit for well-paying jobs. Thus, loss of income is also a painful outcome of burn injuries.

The attorneys at Stewart, Seay & Felton are not merely skilled and experienced in legal matters, they understand and empathize with the suffering of burn victims. They are aware of the physical, emotional and mental trauma that burn victims experience and are willing to do everything in their power to get the victims and their families their rightful due.