No Language Barrier Here

Justice speaks one language. Injustice speaks many. To serve best we need to understand all of them. At SSF Jen leads us in that direction. She bridges the language barrier here. She is bi-lingual, Spanish and English, and with her handle on lawyer-ese, she verges on being a polyglot. Law is the most difficult language of them all. And often lawyers are the most difficult to understand. She manages well. Today two Spanish speaking clients called in. It was thrilling to see her hear one language in one ear and speak an entirely new one to another ear, seamlessly and with clarity to both. One’s language or one’s economic status shouldn’t be an impediment to justice and because we are here, it will never be. Jen’s presence at our reception desk has inspired all in the office to reach deeper – to pursue new languages and deeper understanding. There’s no better way to connect than that. Justice is the business of connecting. Our work is the business of Justice – in any language. If you seek Justice, start with us. We speak your language here. SSF Above all…Justice

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