Forever Vigilant

Justice never sleeps, therefore never can we. At all times in peace and war somebody has to be awake, patrolling the edges – making certain that all is well. Someone has to be ready and powerful enough to answer the prayer or the bell. At SSF, we are proud to be the few who do this work. It’s what we’ve prepared all of our lives for – to make the Law work for all and Justice serve everyone. It’s what we’re honored to do. In a perfect world we could get some sleep , but in this imperfect we’ll just do work. The forces of evil, negligence and avarice are out there. That’s where we meet them.

One of our Founding Fathers famously said, “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.” The same holds true for justice. Our lights are always on. We pay that cost. The Lions here are prowling. We are forever ready to protect and serve in our City Serengeti. If you’ve been injured or treated unjustly, call us- we’re ready. SSF, Above all…Justice

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