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Patrocinio Escuela Intermedia Carr

SSF patrocinó la Escuela Intermedia Carr de Montgomery, AL, la ciudad natal de la pareja, Quinton Seay, a los órganos– La exposición en la estación atlántica en Atlanta. Después de que los estudiantes visitaron la Exposición, se les sirvió un almuerzo en California Pizza Kitchen. Nos sentimos privilegiados de haber apoyado estos estudiantes de ciencias de séptimo grado, their teachers and their chaperones on their leer el artículo

Nursing home neglect and abuse has risen dramatically in the United States over the years. Unfortunately, our loved ones and seniors are at risk for neglect and abuse every day. Elder neglect and abuse can happen in many different ways and sadly many cases go unreported and unpunished. It is very important to regularly visit leer el artículo

Solomon Seay, Jr. was a trailblazing civil rights attorney, activist and author whose fifty year groundbreaking legal career included the Selma to Montgomery March, the Freedom Riders and public school desegregation in the landmark Lee v. Macon decision, among several other civil rights cases that brought about positive change to the rights of minorities in leer el artículo

L. Chris Stewart, the Atlanta attorney representing the family of a South Carolina man shown in a video being shot by a white police officer, said Tuesday that the murder charges filed against that officer have brought “a short sense of relief and joy.” “What happened today doesn’t happen all the time,” Stewart said in leer el artículo

Justice speaks one language. Injustice speaks many. To serve best we need to understand all of them. At SSF Jen leads us in that direction. She bridges the language barrier here. She is bi-lingual, Spanish and English, and with her handle on lawyer-ese, she verges on being a polyglot. Law is the most difficult language leer el artículo

Justice never sleeps, therefore never can we. At all times in peace and war somebody has to be awake, patrolling the edges – making certain that all is well. Someone has to be ready and powerful enough to answer the prayer or the bell. At SSF, we are proud to be the few who do leer el artículo

At SSF the beginning of a new year prompts us to ask ourselves a question. Are we on the Eve of something or on the Verge of something? We chose to believe we’re at both. We raise a toast to the bright New Year and we break sweat as we run to it. We take leer el artículo