Ali Awad

Of Counsel

Ali Awad Of Counsel SSF JusticeAli Awad comes from a humble immigrant family from Palestine. As one of six children, competition in the Awad household was always fierce and encouraged. After graduating Summa Cum Laude in undergrad, majoring in three world languages, completing the 4-year JD/MBA program in just 3 years, and becoming a published author on immigration law, Ali’s father said to him: “not bad, now it’s time for the real work to begin.”

As a fluent Spanish, Arabic and English speaker, Ali is able to represent and engage his clients in a very personalized manner. He has litigated and settled over $1 million dollars in personal injury cases, including a highly disputed medical malpractice claim and a toxic mold exposure case. Ali has a passion for representing injured victims and holding insurance companies accountable.

In his spare time, Ali enjoys martial arts training, international traveling and learning new languages. He has studied abroad in China, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey, y ha ocupado un cinturón negro durante más de una década,,en,Cuando no está luchando en el ring,,en,que lucha por sus clientes en la sala,,en. When not fighting in the ring, he fights for his clients in the courtroom.