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At SSF we spend so much time preparing because we chose to be chosen. We chose to be the firm you call first when you feel your rights have been violated. We chose to stand out in a crowed legal field by delivering an outstanding legal service. We are the ones who’re ready to go Read Article

Everyone deserves Justice. Clearly it should be the law in any land. Sadly however, what one deserves is not always what one gets. There’s this thing about being human that gets in the way. They do misbehave. If only all were Lions-honest and courageous- how much better off we’d all be. The whole idea behind Read Article

Big is not always better. At SSF we prefer to be fierce and few. By design we are a nimble strike force as opposed to a rolling army. When wrong happens and injuries occur, we can react quickly. When a case comes in we assess and analyze it. We devise tactics and strategies to own Read Article

If it’s true that success breeds success good things are in store for us. It has been a good year. Fiscally we’re firm. Our case-loads are growing. Our wins are stacking up. We’ve been honorably mentioned in the press. Our ads support our communities. We love the way we work. We are becoming our brand Read Article

The time to live your dreams is after you plan them. It cannot happen the other way around. Dreams are designed, sweated over and built out. They don’t ‘just happen’ – If they do it’s because somebody got lucky. Luck is fickle – it is unloved here. Luck is not what dreams are made of. Read Article

December is the heart of winter in Serengeti city, home of SSF . The leaves have fallen and the skies are heavy and gray. The Frenzy of getting our Law Firm up and running has subsided. The engine is starting to hum. Our Fear is gone. We know we can do this. We have proved Read Article

Stewart is a fan of the Good Life. He works hard and he lives well. He has a penchant for the sharp suit and fine Cigar. He drinks from the top shelf and he, along with his friends, dine like kings. Yet he is not of the arrogant frivolous sort. He was born into a Read Article

Law is hell – hell in much the same way that war is. It is tactical, strategic, subtle, passionate, reasoned, foolish, frenetic, calm, awesome, and common. It is win or lose; life or death and nothing else. Justice is serious. Our work is the fight of the Carnivore. We eat meat. We embrace the Grind. Read Article

Our firm, Stewart, Seay & Felton, is fashioned as a pride of Lions. Here, the Law is Life & War. When you or your loved one has been injured due to car, truck, or motorcycle accident, slip & fall, abused or neglected at a nursing home, sexually assaulted or worst of all has died, like Read Article

Our blog will be a written documentary of our young law firm – Stewart, Seay & Felton – pursuing Justice and Living the Law. It will evolve as we do in real time with real cases with real people doing the real business of the law. It will be our effort to record a rich Read Article