Eve or Verge

At SSF the beginning of a new year prompts us to ask ourselves a question. Are we on the Eve of something or on the Verge of something? We chose to believe we’re at both. We raise a toast to the bright New Year and we break sweat as we run to it. We take our cues from the heart, no days off and every beat counts. Justice, though she’s blind, never sleeps – nor do we. Our firm will be what we make it. Our work will speak for itself. We chose to stand out not blend in. Ours is a profession where nothing is guaranteed. The lion in the zoo can expect 3 hot meals and a warm place to lay his head, while the lion on the Serengeti can expect only what he goes and gets. We are the Serengeti’s Lions. Wild are we. Either we make something happen for us and our clients or accept what happens to us and our clients. Our clients can rest assured that we make things happen. Driven is in our DNA. We rumble out of bed and we roar all day. This is the life we’ve chosen. This is a lion’s way. When you’ve been injured, you need Justice. Call us. SSF Above all…Justice!

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