About Us

Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys

At Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys, we are a catastrophic injury litigation law firm led by a group of experienced attorneys, with a proven track record of success and high payouts for our clients. We represent our clients with an unparalleled combination of knowledge and a passionate dedication to helping our clients receive due compensation and restoration. We think beyond the traditional interpretations of the law to uncover new or hidden opportunities for favorable solutions.
Our team is dedicated to the Atlanta and greater Georgia community. With deep ties to Georgia, we feel a personal responsibility to provide passionate, dedicated counsel to our clients. Believing that we are servants to our community, Stewart, Seay & Felton pursues justice for our clients with a determination and commitment that is unmatched. We are From your community, Fighting for your community.

At Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys, we strive to create a family atmosphere with a passion and determination to pursue restoration, and Above all…Justice for you or your family member.